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Sam Morrison Band

 smbio small100 Proof Southern Rock, dripping with BBQ sauce!

For over a decade, The Sam Morrison Band has been delivering music with an unapologetic love for God, country and the American way of life. Heavily influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Allman Brothers and Charlie Daniels, SMB pulls Southern Rock out of the 70’s into a time and culture where folks need the pride and attitude the music evokes.

The Sam Morrison Band is on a mission. Tired of all the corporate, “politically correct” processed music that is being spoon fed to the public, The Sam Morrison Band is determined to bring back something that is lost on today’s radio……real music. Imagine that; real musicians, playing real songs, with real instruments for real people. No drum loops, no DJ’s, just 100 proof Rock and Roll.

In a time where pop music has all but forgotten the art of the guitar solo, the SMB is more than happy to “show y’all how it’s done!” Over the years, the SMB has played alongside many of their influential heroes, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws, and Molly Hatchet. Being no stranger to the road, the SMB has not only toured all over the US but internationally as well- performing for the U.S. troops in Eastern Europe and Korea.

Inspired by the men and women they met on their military tours, The SMB wrote and recorded the song "Peace Keepers" which won a Los Angeles Music Award.

The SMB is a favorite at Biker events all over the country and they have paid tribute to these fans with their classic "I Gotta Ride" which was featured in the "Rock Band" video game.

The Sam Morrison Band also performs a well-known tribute to the music of Bob Seger called “Turn the Page.”
“We plan to do a lot more records, God willing, and do our part to keep Southern Rock moving forward.” says Morrison.
“There are a lot of bands playing Southern Rock now days, but it’s mostly cover songs. I think that for Southern Rock to grow and evolve, we need more bands writing great songs and getting them out there. Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers set the stage, we want to take to the next level!”

Real Songs, Real Music……………The Sam Morrison Band!

Sam Morrison Band Is...


SamSam Morrison

Vocals, Guitars

Sam has led The Sam Morrison band thru various incarnations, from Country, to Southern Rock and more recently, Turn The Page - A Tribute to Bob Seger. When not on the road with the band , Sam also runs Convalian Studios in Fullerton CA and works as a session musician out of Titan Recording Studio under famed producer Michael Vail Blum. Sam writes and records for many Film and TV projects while always continuing to work on his original Southern Rock project , the Sam Morrison Band.

BartBart Robley


Bart Robley is proud to have held the drum chair in Sam Morrison Band for 13 years. Bart is also very involved in music education, teaching private and semi-private drum lessons, as well as hosting master classes and drum clinics. He has written three drumming instructional books and produced three drumming instructional DVDs, winning him a “Telly” Award in 2009. All of Bart’s books and DVDs are available on Centerstream/Hal Leonard publishing. Bart proudly endorses of Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, Sabian Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Sticks, Symphonic Snare Drums, Trick Bass Drum Pedals, The Kelly Shu, Kickport, and the Clamp-It


GretGreg Kasparian

Bass Guitar

Born in Toledo OH, Greg moved to California at a very young age, and took up Bass Guitar. After years of honing his bass chops gigging, recording, touring with numerous bands, Greg got "the call" to join SMB/TtP. Greg has been laying down pounding bass for SMB/TtP for 10+ years now, and loving every second of it.

KarlKarl Sanger


Karl has been in and around the music business all his life. Gifted at an early age with a golden ear, he began playing in his native New York club scene, studied at some of the finest institutions and soon began to fuel a love affair with music that has lasted his lifetime. Known for his sizzling saxophone melodies, distinct tone and unbridled showmanship, he brings excellence, electricity, and passion to the stage and recording studio.

SteveSteven Cenker


Originally from Weirton West Virginia, Steven came to Southern CA in 1987. He quickly found a home in the Hollywood "Metal Scene" with the bands Malteze and War Crime where he began playing with future SMB drummer Bart Robley. After recording a solo album titled "Dissolution" on his own label, Steven re-joined former bandmate Bart Robley in the Sam Morrison Band!

Doreedoreen2n Novotny


Born in Los Angeles but raised in Orange County CA. Doreen has been with the Sam Morrison Band since 2001, including the inception of the "Turn The Page" show. Music and singing is her outlet and one of her passions but to her, her family is everything! She enjoys reading and just loving life!

WaltWalt Thompson